Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want more information?2022-02-14T10:46:26+12:00

Visit our frequently asked quesitions (FAQ) for our FarmCams as well as other products.

Need help to choose camera?2022-02-14T10:45:45+12:00

Use our quick camera guide and be guided to the camera that fits your needs and circumstances perfectly.

How do I install the camera?2022-02-14T10:44:14+12:00

Follow the step-by-step instructions included in the box or go to LUDA ACADEIVr on YouTube for a step-by-step video that goes through the installation and the most used functions in the app

What does the picture look like?2022-02-14T10:43:23+12:00

How does the app work? Test a demo farm on your own phone / tablet. Go to:

What can I see with a camera?2022-02-14T10:42:12+12:00

An area of more than 250 m2 and the license plate of a car at 15m distance. Night vision approx. 20m. To see recorded examples on YouTube, go to:

How long can it record before the receiver becomes full?2022-02-14T10:41:21+12:00

2 months continuous recording from 1 camera or 2 weeks recording from 4 cameras simultaneously. If you choose to record only during movement, the memory will last several times longer before it becomes full. When the memory becomes full, the oldest recorded material disappears to make room for new video.

Does it record? If yes – does it record all the time or just during motion?2022-02-14T10:38:44+12:00

The receiver has a built-in hard drive that can record all the time, according to a schedule or when the camera detects a motion, (set in the app). You can also choose to receive a notification in your phone when the camera detects motion.

Why should I buy a FarmCam HD?2022-02-14T10:34:50+12:00

Why should I buy a FarmCam HD? Because you want a camera for outdoor use that is easy to use in your stable, machine shop or courtyard, but you don’t have any Wi-Fi where you need it.

Do I need internet connection to use FarmCam HD?2022-02-14T10:35:47+12:00

No – it is not necessary. You can have up to 1250 m between the camera and receiver if you mount the camera and receiver antennas so they can see each other (free line of sight).

How many meters of antenna cable are included to mount the antennas in a good position?2022-02-14T10:36:30+12:00

(= free line of sight) 3 x 9 meters included (27 m total). An additional 9 m of cable can be purchased if the distance between antennas is not more than 300 m.

How many cameras can be used with a FarmCam HD system?2022-02-14T10:37:17+12:00

4 pcs

Which devices can I use to see the picture from the cameras?2022-02-14T10:37:47+12:00

Smartphone, tablet, computer and TV. (If you want to see the picture wherever you are (using Internet), you need to connect the receiver to an Internet router).


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