Home security is very important these days. Due to this, we need to install the best security camera to protect our home in NZ. Cameras are the first and most important gadget that we can use to protect our homes from theft. There are many brands of cameras but we do proper research to find the best. In our opinion, the Vosker v150 camera is the best option available.

Why do we need a security camera in NZ for protection?

Nowadays, because of the security risks in New Zealand, we have to do the necessary measures. The best solution for this is to install a security camera in NZ. These cameras alert us when any unusual activity happens. This gives us peace of mind. For the most accurate monitoring, we need the best camera setup. We can check and monitor everything on our laptop or mobile. Due to the increase in burglary, the security camera is the best measure, because it helps us to detect as well as capture thieves. Cameras are better than other security measures because they help us to recognize and capture criminals even after they run.

Important things to notice while buying security cameras

While buying a security camera in NZ, there are some tips that help you to buy according to your needs. These things will help you to make a wise choice.

The environment around you in New Zealand:

Before buying a camera you must observe the environment around you. For example, if you are living in rainy areas then you choose a camera that supports water-resistant. In these areas camera must have high ratings of waterproof and working temperature. It is also important to properly cover all the wiring to avoid short-circuiting due to

Your location and electricity availability:

You must consider your location while buying a security camera. If you need a security camera in a remote location in NZ then you must think about the battery. For this purpose, you should buy a camera that supports Solar panel charging system. We consider Vosker v150 security camera the best because it has built-in solar panel system.
Choose hacking proof security camera system in NZ:
The purpose of security cameras is to monitor thieves and unusual activities. But a professional system must have proper security measures against hackers.
Battery backup and photo quality
A good security camera must provide good battery backup. Due to electricity issues, we need good battery backups. Even the solar system fails in case of rainy and cloudy weather.
Why choose Vosker v150 security camera over others?
The vosker v150 is a wireless security camera with its own built-in solar panel technology. We consider this the best option you can even use this in remote areas. Because in these areas access to electricity and internet is impossible. This camera helps you in these areas with its solar panel technology.

Features of Vosker v150 Camera

The Vosker v150 camera is wireless and it doesn’t need electricity. It helps you to monitor any unusual and strange activity in any remote work location. This camera has a pre-activated sim card and memory card. It maintains a secure backup on the memory card for later use.
The moment this camera detects any unusual or strange people it alerts you on your mobile phone. You don’t need to stick to the computer screen for monitoring. The other outstanding feature of this camera is that it is waterproof. So you don’t need to worry in rainy weather about its working. Due to the long-lasting battery of this camera, it keeps monitoring for many days. This feature is important for people who go to remote areas for many days.

General specifications of Vosker v150 security camera

Photo resolution of this camera Store full hd (1920px * 1080px) on local SD card and (600px * 338px) on mobile app.
Multi-shot frequency 1 or 2 photos at a time in case of strange action detection.
Angle view 43.6 Degree
External memory capacity of the camera Supports a maximum of 32GB external memory and has 16GB memory along with this camera.
Battery capacity It has a 10000mah lithium rechargeable battery.
Charging system You can charge it with a 5V micro USB charger. It also has built-in solar panel for auto charging.
Detection system Vosker v150 uses PIR technology and a 42-degree detection angle for monitoring. Its detection range is 90ft.
Detection in night vision At night it uses its 4 high-power LEDs to detect at a range of 80ft.
Cellular specifications This security camera has a built-in SIM card that supports LTE cellular connectivity.
Other features It comes with an external antenna but if you want an antenna with a long length we sold it separately. This camera is IP65 water-resistant.

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