We need Wireless Solar Powered Cellular LTE cameras for outside security. An Outdoor security camera is needed in our houses for protection against thieves. Security cameras help us to monitor everything outside. These cameras track any unusual activity and instantly alert us. This thing helps us to take action instantly against thieves and criminals. You can install any camera but in our opinion, Vosker v150 camera is best for outdoor security purposes.

Why do we need Wireless Solar Powered Cellular LTE security cameras?

There are many things that we need to consider while installing an outdoor security camera. The outdoor cameras must have many extra important features than indoor cameras. For outdoor security, cameras must be Wireless Solar Powered Cellular LTE. And we recommend Vosker v150 camera because it supports these functionalities. Below is the explanation of this in detail.
Wireless system:
The outdoor cameras need to be wireless because of the external environmental conditions. It is hard for a wired camera system to survive in rainy weather. In rainy weather, short-circuiting can occur due to exposing of wire to water. There is also a possibility that any animal can cut down wiring outside. A wireless security camera system doesn’t face any of these problem. It is free from large bundles of cables.
Solar Powered Camera:
You need Solar Powered Camera in remote places where there is no electricity. The Solar system in camera will help you to charge the camera battery with the help of sunlight. Vosker v150 camera has a built-in solar system available. It also has a good battery backup to help you in rainy weather. In rainy weather, even the solar system
doesn’t work.
Cellular LTE
LTE (Long Term Evolution) is used for wireless data transmission. It is much faster than 3G. A security camera needs to support LTE for faster communication with your mobile app. For sending larger size pictures to a mobile app a faster connection is necessary.
Important properties of an Outdoor Security camera
Outdoor security camera gives you peace of mind when you are away from home. But to obtain the best results your camera needs to be Wireless Solar Powered Cellular LTE. It will monitor and record any suspicious activities that happens after you. A camera should have the following properties

  • The camera should be weatherproof. It must support higher rating of waterproofing. Because most of the time outdoor cameras get wet in rain.
  • The video and picture quality should be good enough to provide all details clearly. For this purpose, a camera must support HD resolution.
  • The camera should have a powerful LED to detect things clearly at night.
  • It should provide good facial recognition. Good facial recognition will help in the differentiation between human being and other objects.
  • A camera should provide enough storage to store data for many days. Vosker v150 is a Wireless Solar Powered Cellular LTE camera that comes with 16GB of storage with it.

Why Vosker v150 camera is the best for outdoor security?

The Vosker v150 is a wireless security camera with its own built-in solar panel technology. On the other hand, it also supports cellular LTE connectivity. This camera capture pictures in HD (1920*1080) resolution. A HD picture provides more clarity and makes it easy to recognize criminals.
This camera is best for outdoor security because it is wireless. So you don’t need to worry about the damage to wiring in bad weather situations. Using LTE technology this camera instantly alerts you whenever it detects unusual activity. This camera detects suspicious activities clearly at night with the help of its 4 high-power LEDs.

General specifications of Vosker v150 security camera

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of cellular security camera in remote areas in NZ

Photo resolution of this camera Store full hd (1920px * 1080px) on local SD card and (600px * 338px) on mobile app.
Multi-shot frequency 1 or 2 photos at a time in case of strange action detection.
Angle view 43.6 Degree
External memory capacity of the camera Supports a maximum of 32GB external memory and has 16GB memory along with this camera.
Battery capacity It has a 10000mah lithium rechargeable battery.
Charging system You can charge it with a 5V micro USB charger. It also has a built-in solar panel for auto charging.
Detection system Vosker v150 uses PIR technology and a 42-degree detection angle for monitoring. Its detection range is 90ft.
Detection in night vision At night it uses its 4 high-power LEDs to detect at a range of 80ft.
Cellular specifications This security camera has a built-in SIM card that supports LTE cellular connectivity.
Other features It comes with an external antenna but if you want an antenna with a long length we sold it separately. This camera is IP65 water-resistant.

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