These days the ration of burglary has increased in our homes and public places. To overcome this, we need a cellular security camera in our home in NZ. If you’re looking to secure your home while you’re away or want to capture criminal activities when you’re not around, a home security camera is the best way to do it. These cameras help to detect and capture criminals. For different purposes, we use different types of security cameras. But you should choose the best home security cameras in NZ among these. Generally, we categorize them as home security cameras and surveillance cameras. For home security mostly cellular cameras are used. Below is the detailed difference between home security cameras and surveillance cameras.

Home security cameras: Cellular security camera

Home security cameras are used for security measures in individual properties. For home security in NZ, we use a cellular security camera. This camera other than capturing images and recording videos also provides many other features. It detects suspicious things in its viewing range and instantly alerts users via SMS or mobile app notification. Home security cameras run on motion detection technology. Rather than just recording, this security system detects and alerts about suspicious activity in real-time. There are many best home security cameras available in NZ. We also provide a wide range of wireless cellular security systems

Pros and cons of Cellular Home Security Camera

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of cellular security camera in remote areas in NZ


Advantages Disadvantages
  • Home security camera keeps track of any visitor in your remote location.It records videos in high quality, which helps in identifying criminals effectively due to clarity.
  • Due to cellular technology, it automatically alerts you whenever it detects anything. You don’t need an operator to keep watching continuously on the monitor.
  • Its high-resolution video quality helps to track culprits easily.
  • If you install a solar-powered cellular security camera then it will continue to monitor activities in case of no electricity.
  • For a solar-powered cellular security camera, we don’t need to set up huge connections of wiring.
  • These cameras can alert neighbors by alarming. Which helps to create fear in thieves and to make them run away.
  • You can take immediate action by receiving alerts about intruders even if you are away from your property.
  • Home security cameras are costly to install and maintain due to their rich features. In empty remote locations it is easy for criminals to hack or interrupt the functionality of these cameras. Because no one is there to watch them.
  • In the case of wireless security cameras it is easy for criminals to cut down the wires and power off the camera.
  • The video quality of wireless security cameras can be decreased due to the disruption of signals.
  • If it becomes faulty then you need an expert technician for repair.

Why we need to install cellular home security cameras in NZ

We use home security cameras to keep an eye on our property when we’re away or to provide proof of when our elderly parents didn’t close the door properly. But did you know you can use these cameras for more than just keeping an eye on your property? You can use your home security camera as a home alarm, as a way to keep an eye on your kids when you’re away, or even to make a small profit. The uses for home security cameras are almost limitless, which is why you should consider adding a cellular security camera to your home in NZ.

Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are used in public areas like streets, roads, markets, etc. For example, shop owners use it in their shop to keep an eye on customers. These cameras record a live video which is broadcasted to a computer. This broadcasting is continuously watched by a remote computer operator. Other than this, surveillance cameras save video recordings for future use. A surveillance camera only records and stores video. It doesn’t detect and alert about any activity. To take quick action you need a computer operator to watch live. Mostly these cameras are visible to everyone.

Pros and cons of Surveillance camera

Advantages Disadvantages
  • These cameras help in improving public safety through continuously monitoring. It increases public safety while shopping and traveling. Monitoring authorities can take immediate action on seeing criminal activity.
  • It helps us to reduce criminal activities in public areas. Because people usually don’t commit crimes if they know that they are being watched.
  • It helps us to catch criminals after they runoff. With the help of recorded video, we can easily recognize and capture them.
  • We can use recorded photos and videos as evidence against criminals in court.
  • These cameras also help police to capture people who drive with over speed and brake signals
  • As these cameras are installed in public. So the public can be easily abused by bad people. For example, spying on women, and misuse of information to blackmail people.
  • In some cases surveillance camera is not effective. For example, it is not useful when someone commits a crime by hiding his identity. This is because this camera doesn’t alert us to take action on the spot.
  • The surveillance security camera system is expensive to set up. We also have to hire an operator to constantly watch live on the computer.

Best cellular home security and surveillance camera in NZ

If you don’t know which are the best home security cameras in New Zealand, we’ve got you covered. We’ve tested and reviewed the best home surveillance cameras on the market to bring you only the best products. Our reviews are unbiased and objective, so you can feel confident that you’re getting only the best when you buy a security camera.

Ring: The best home security camera

The Ring is one of the most well-known names in the industry, as well as it is among the best home security cameras in NZ. The Ring provides both inside and outdoor security cameras, allowing you to monitor what is going on across your property. Due to that, the Ring is the best home security camera. Outdoor cameras are fitted with lights, sirens, and night vision, while inside cameras are simple to set up. These cameras are available at a very affordable price on the market. They have some of the lowest pricing on the market, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who want to secure their houses on a low budget.

Reolink Argus: The best surveillance security camera

Reolink is the best surveillance camera due to its enormous features. It records video in full HD resolution with a 15hz frame rate. Along with this, it comes with a 2-megapixel camera. This camera is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
Reolink Argus is a smart surveillance camera used for security purposes. It works by using artificial intelligence to recognize people and objects in the camera’s field of view. It then uses that information to provide you with enhanced video quality, motion detection, and more. The camera is wireless and uses the latest technology to provide clear video footage in any lighting condition. It is also very easy to set up, with no wires needed.

Vosker v150 camera: The best off-grid cellular security camera in New Zealand

There are many cellular cameras available on the market. In our opinion, the vosker v150 camera is the best option available. The vosker v150 camera comes with a built-in solar-system and cellular LTE technology. It is the best home security camera in remote areas. The cut down of power doesn’t affect its performance. The LTE technology will update you instantly no matter how far you are from your remote location. Based on these specifications the vosker v150 is the best home security camera. Order this camera here at this link.